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Website Design and Marketing

A Beautiful Professional Website with

Powerful Social and Marketing Tools

We can also create and manage your website for you

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Website Design and Marketing

Includes Powerful Marketing tools

 There is no point in having a website

if you can't market your Brand and Service

Manage and Promote



Fb and Instagram Stories

Stories are the FIRST thing users see on Facebook & Instagram

Commercial Ads

Promote your products and services with Highly Professional Videos

Live Action Promo

Live actors interact with your products and promotions.

Social Media Advertising

High Converting Video Ads increases visibility, drives more traffic & generates more profits fast.


Live Casting Pre-Recorded Videos


Live streaming is the next step forward for video marketing.YouTube and Facebook Livestreaming is one of the most genuine ways to connect with an audience and allows for levels of personalization that the marketing industry has never seen.


Online Store

It's simple to add products for sale and accept payments. It’s fast, safe and secure for you and your customers.

Online Shopping demo

  • No need to worry about upgrades, SSL-Certificates, security protocols, server configuration and hosting.

  • Seamlessly integrates with Facebook, allowing you to sell on Facebook.
  • Add multiple images and product descriptions. Set store-wide tax and shipping options.

  • Sell globally with multi-currency support, over 40 international payment options.

  • Easy-to-use dashboard displays summary of store activity, sales and catalog of products.


Offer Daily Deals

Run time-limited offers to generate urgency and impulse buys.

Spa image

  • Offer promotions at a discount price to attract new customers.
  • Boost revenue with Social share icons
  • Store customer name and email
  • Customers can send as Gift Certificate
  • Includes a detailed dashboard with comprehensive statistics and reports.


Gift Certificates

Visitors can create a pre-paid gift certificate that can be emailed as a gift or printed out to present at your store.

Includes an admin dashboard to view usage reports and manage certificates.

 Gift Certificate


Contest Creator

Viral Rewards - Contests - Sweepstakes - Giveaways

Reward visitors additional points or bonuses for taking action.

Because visitors are taking action to get rewards it does not feel like you are selling or promoting. This style of Viral Contests has been known to grow lists to up to 200%

Loads of Integrations
 Connect with all the marketing & social apps you use everyday
Contest stats



Don't get caught in the GDPR net. We will make your sites GDPR compliant so you can focus on your Business.


We will provide a GDPR service that works on all your sites and is customized to match your needs.

GDPR Cookie consent
Users must agree for you to create cookies. Normally you would need a special script, app or plugin just for this. We handle it for you.

GDPR Data Deletion and request
Users can also contact you to ask that they be “forgotten” which in practice means, all the data you have on them is deleted. Also, you need to give users a way to request all the data you hold on them. We also provide and manage this for you.


Members Only

Control access to valuable content

You can set up a members-only area on your site and restrict visitor access to paid or private content. Create customized online registration forms to enroll users. Allow users to update their member profiles to keep the databases up-to-date and accurate.

Member area