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Alexa Channel

Create an Alexa Channel and have millions of Amazon Alexa users listen to your content each day on their device

Audio content

Audio Content

Share daily audio tips, news & promotions Alexa listeners can listen to on their device.

Smart scheduling


Schedule your briefings 30 days in advance so your Alexa channel always has a fresh stream of daily or weekly content.


Market Growth

55% of USA households will have an Alexa supported device by 2022. Millions of Alexa users can listen to your content.

Multi Services

Multi Services

Works for any Business, Blog, eCom shop, Podcaster, Health, Beauty, News and more.

Smart scheduling

Daily or Weekly

Setup daily or weekly audio briefings to communicate and share with your listeners.

Amazon Logo

No Coding

This app is fully approved by Amazon themselves.

What is an Alexa Flash Briefings?

Flash briefings is a brief recorded audio from a Company, a Service or an Individual. It may contain Educational information, updates, advice, news or how to tips on any subject.

Simply ask “Alexa, what’s the news?” or “Alexa, play my Flash Briefings” and your device will play your flash briefings.

Now you can setup your own Flash Briefings and have listeners (and your current audience) listen to them daily or weekly on the Alexa device.


Your Alexa Channel

Easily setup your own Alexa channel and listeners can start receiving your audio Flash Briefings daily or weekly.

Echo bubble chat

Contact us today and start using the power of voice activations to connect to millions of listeners that are ready to buy your products and services.